Euanart | Great White Shark Trip 2016...

Great White Shark Trip 2016...

February 24, 2017  •  2 Comments

I am not sure why I have sat on these for so long… I guess I have been trying to think of something to do with them. Slowly going through intensely editing one at a time till I can almost feel the water around me again. In the end I just want as many people to see them, that’s really the bottom line. The obsession with these amazing animals all really started on some random blog post by a photographer that I just happened to stumble across close to 10 years ago. That became a life mission to capture sharks in a different way then I had seen before, specifically Great White Sharks. Eight years later with enough funds scrapped together for everything needed I finally set out to make those images with one of my best friends Sam. These 100 frames hardly does justice to the life experience him and I had on that boat for the three days we were on it… but im forever grateful, And STOKED to be going back this year J

 I know its counter intuitive when you see my images that these muscle and teeth laden gray busses are actually quite friendly but I honestly never felt in danger at all. Yes I admit every cell in my body was tingling a bit as the cage door slammed open and I lowered myself into the water on the first dive… but once I was in there 10ft down with these guys all around me…. It was actually extremely peaceful… Obviously you have to respect an animal that has honed it skill as well as they have over the span of their existence. A couple times as the sharks would go for the bait lunging out of the water skin rolling over their eyes to protect them, they would land momentum propelling them at our cage eyes still half shut. They were really helpless to do anything other than plow into the side of our cage. Suddenly being literally face to face with a Great White shark is something everyone should experience once in their lives. Three or four times I used my Nikon to push them a direction to send them on their way. But as I said before I never felt in danger even while they made contact with me. You were so close you could look them in their dark black eye as they would spin around on the bait, them seeing you for that split second then compute you were not what they were just after and then snap back to the mission at hand.

Have a look thought and feel free to share. I really just want people to see these and hopefully spark some creativity or enthusiasm for a project as it did me. Thanks! J   



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Our fav the shark looking left still
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