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Lens Organization Shelf...

October 17, 2015  •  1 Comment

For a couple of years now I have been really frustrated with lens my lens organization. As my collection of toys has grown I have trouble remembering where everything is, what bag I last put what in or what camera had what on it. Usually lenses that were not use would just be stood up on a table in my office free to be knocked around by a passing 3 year old or better yet myself. As a photographer 5 min before you have to leave for a shoot is the last time you want to be stressed you can’t find something. I had looked online and really saw nothing that suited all the needs I was after. All the ones I could find either hid the lenses away in drawers with individual dividers or if they were out in the open only showed you the lens cap… having a couple lenses almost the same size this would have meant I would have had to grab each one till I found what I was looking for. I wanted to be able to walk into my office look at my wall and see exactly what was there and have it secure and safe at the same time.

Not finding what I was after I thought for a while till I decided on the quick sketch below. This shelf with wood back design would have rear lens caps secured to the underside of the shelfs with a nut and bolt holding the lens secure but also out in the open for me to see.


I went and bought a .5in thick finished 4’x8’ sheet of plywood from home depot and the correct shelf bracket, nut and bolts, lighting, and spray-paint needed. I cut the board down to the sizes I had worked out. Backboard was 27”wide X 40”tall and there would be 4 shelfs. Two deep ones on top 27” x 9” and then two smaller 27”x 7”. The two deeper ones would have the rear caps attached to the underside. I figured with 4 caps evenly spaced underneath that would give each leans that rested there a 6x6in square space they could hang in.


I started by sanding all the edges of the boards I had just cut. 

Then I had made a couple templates and placed these over the top of the shelves so I could clamp them together and drill all the holes for my bolts at the same time. Ensuring the caps would all line up in the same place on each shelf. 

Next I want about measuring out and leveling each shelf bracket. This took the longest time but was important to get right. I then attached each shelf to the brackets and then also put a line of wood glue on each shelf to the backboard for added strength. 

After all this was completed I gave the entire thing a coat of flat black paint.

Next I installed the rear caps in the predrilled holes. Bolt-washer-cap-washer-nut.

I also then installed the LED strip lighting I had bought to back light the lenses when they were hanging on the shelf. 

After installing the bolts I did not like how far out the threads came on the other side so decided to countersink them to make them flush with the shelf itself, the excess I then cutoff with my dermal . The last thing I wanted was a lens to fall off its mount and impale itself… Would kinda defeat the point. 

Finally It was all done and I installed it in its final resting place. So far so good... and I am very pleased with the results. The only thing I want to get for it now would be some sort of black foam or spongy substance to protect anything I lay on the shelfs. The raw wood is not the softest and im afraid it might damage something. 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, or If you want the templates I made I can also provide those if necessary





This is actually a really cool idea. I like how it not only shows off your gear to say, friends who have no clue how much stuff we use, but that it's practical as well.

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