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Court House Wedding...

October 13, 2015  •  2 Comments

Simple, beautiful, and straight to the point.... I have been shooting weddings for quite a while now.... and the magic of the day during these big productions starts to ware off on you after a bit. Its not that they are bad in anyway just for someone like me who goes to so many a year it all kinda melts together in a blur that I have to capture leaving my head spinning and feet hurting... This wedding was a breath of fresh air. Being so small and intimate gave me the opportunity to really focus on the couple and on the really small things around us... In bigger productions my time is taken up running around trying to capture EVERYTHING the couple had setup that day... this wedding I was just a fly on the wall, a set of magic eyeballs recording as went along for them to enjoy for ever more. This wedding is the reason I started shooting weddings... Thanks guys for letting me come along.


Merci Amarant(non-registered)
I wasn't able to be there for this amazing day. The pictures you have taken are just wonderful. Thank you so much for capturing the day with such heart.
John Amarant(non-registered)
Simply beautiful - you were the one to capture the moment
thank you
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