Euanart | About

Born in London, England, Euan Rannachan’s artistic flare started at an early age. His first eight years were spent traveling the world with his family due to his father’s career as an engineer. Euan’s mother played a key role in his artistic education. The young tyke diligently watched his mother create oil paintings, sculptures, and sketch in her notebooks. Jessica shared her knowledge of oil painting with Euan shortly after he learned to walk.

Throughout the years Euan honed his artist skills, especially upon his return to London where he finished high school. Euan’s other passion was playing soccer, and he was lucky enough to play semi-professionally. This opportunity allowed him to travel to Eastern and Western Europe, places with deep roots in unique artistic expression.

Post high school graduation, Euan decided to pursue his dream of becoming an artist by attending the by Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Five years later, he has a degree in Traditional Illustrations and has mastered other mediums such as acrylic, digital, airbrush techniques, pencil and ink sketches.

Euan’s artistic hobby includes: photography of all kinds including underwater, film making, Graphic Design, Drone piloting, and fine art. He is a corporate photographer for the Clorox Company and also the San Jose Sharks along with being the Art Director for Dakota Shy wine in Napa California. Euan also won a Emmy for a commercial he was in for the San Jose Sharks in 2017. The fine art paintings can be of people, landscapes, or whatever the commissioner desires.

Euan is a versatile artist whose style evolves each year, yielding a well-rounded and knowledgeable individual passionate about creating imaginative works of art.